Air Fryer


The future of frying is less fat and more taste.

  • Indulge in guilt-free fried foods
  • The crispness of fried with almost no fat
  • Easier cooking comes with easier cleaning

Color: Black


A healthy lifestyle you can stick to. Reducing calories and cutting back on fats is easy to prepare and delicious too, with the Midea Air Fryer 9000 Series. OilAdjust technology removes excess fats from foods while retaining the right levels of natural oils. Superheated air delivers the pleasure of crispy and crunchy fried food, but with less than 80% of the fat. Plus, you can grill, bake, and roast your favorites as well.


OilAdjust is a Midea innovation that removes excess fats from food ingredients while retaining just the right levels of natural oils.


Fry, grill, bake, or roast. All with air, and all in one unit. The future of cooking.

3D Airflow System

Evenly applied superhot air fries food to crispy goodness while keeping the fat down.

Non-Stick Inner Pot

Simply wipe down the non-stick inner pot and you can air-fry again.

Digital display

The Digital display enhances the appearance of the cooker while delivering timing and temperature information.

CoolTouch Handle

The heat channeling CoolTouch Handle keeps contact areas from getting hot.


Type Air Fryer
Capacity (L) (Basket/Pan) 2.2 / 4.0
Power (W) 1230.0
Control Panel Touch
Width (mm) 270.0
Depth (mm) 270.0
Height (mm) 320.0
Weight (Kg) 4.5