Blanc Highwall


Discover an air conditioner with sophistication.

  • Super Cool mode for immediate cooling
  • Triple Comfort Technologies give you Cozy Coolness
  • Attractive profile design

Color: White


Midea's Blanc series of air conditioners are a new generation of home cooling that will transform your idea of what air conditioners should be. Unlike the machines of yesterday, Blanc is beautiful on the outside, with power and sophistication on the inside. Contours shape the outer shell in a way that attract the eye, while the internal motor is capable of rapid cooling, with special flow shaping that envelopes the entire room.

Super Cool

The "Super Cool" feature can be activated with just one touch. The fan accelerates to high speed in order to cool the space down to 17° as quickly as possible.

3D Surrounding Flow

The specially-designed vent directs the air flow around the room to provide a balanced cooling effect for the entire space.


Type Highwall
Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 220, 50, 1
Capacity (PK) 1.5
Capacity (BTU/h) 12000.0
Cooling Power Input (W) 1209.0
Cooling Current (A) 5.49
Max. input consumption (W) 1660.0
Max. current (A) 7.4
IDU Performance
Indoor air flow (m3/h) 520.0
Indoor sound power level (dB(A)) 43.0
IDU Spec
IDU Width (mm) 805.0
IDU Depth (mm) 205.0
IDU Height (mm) 285.0
IDU Weight (Kg) 7.73
ODU Performance
Outdoor sound power level (dB(A)) 57.0
ODU Spec
ODU Width (mm) 770.0
ODU Depth (mm) 300.0
ODU Height (mm) 555.0
ODU Weight (Kg) 28.5
Refrigerant Piping
Liquid side/ Gas side (mm/inch) Φ6.35/Φ12.7(1/4"/1/2")
Max. refrigerant pipe length (m) 20.0
Max. difference in level (m) 8.0
Indoor (°C) 17-32
Outdoor (°C) 18-43
Application Area (m2) 16-23